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About The Sugarbird Project

The Sugarbird Project is made up of teams of between 5-8 men who are tasked with clearing invasive alien vegetation on the slopes of Table Mountain. 

These teams are provided with safety equipment (hats, boots, clothing and gloves) and the tools to remove the alien invasive vegetation. The teams are employed and led by well-trained team leaders, they identify and remove the invasive alien vegetation. The team leaders invoice the Sugarbird Group for the labour used to perform the manual clearing of IAP and they operate in Hout Bay, Devils Peak, City Bowl / Camps Bay / Lions Head and Newlands.


Our vision is of a Western Cape where indigenous flora and fauna thrive because invasive alien vegetation is being removed and controlled.


Our mission is to identify and then “adopt” and clear more and more areas of land and manage them into perpetuity using well-trained, well-equipped, highly-effective hack teams of around 5-8 members each.

Our Motivation

Our motivation is our appreciation of the Western Cape’s beautiful, precious, unique natural biodiversity and our desire to protect it from species loss brought about by the impact of invasive alien vegetation.


  • Our beneficiaries are current and future generations.

  • Our team members who have the ability earn a living.

  • The entire ecosystem - water courses and water systems are improved, biodiversity is protected and the natural Cape Floral Kingdom ecosystem allowed to recover and thrive.

How We Operate

The Sugarbird Group is a registered nonprofit organisation. We strictly adhere to the highest governance standards. The diagram below sets out how we function.

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