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Governance & Finance

The Sugarbird Group spends ±82% of its monthly budget on paying the contracted team leaders for the labour they provide. A further ±13.7% is spent on equipping the teams with everything they need to be effective, such as loppers, saws, gloves, herbicide spray bottles and protective clothing and footwear.  SANParks generously provides the teams with herbicide. 

All administration, management, oversight, fundraising and reporting is undertaken by trustees or members of the larger Sugarbird community, who are not remunerated financially, or in any other way, for their contribution.

We strictly adhere to the highest governance standards. We furthermore bind ourselves to operate in an open and transparent manner, our founding documents can be viewed on this page and we make public a summary of our costs and expenses. As such donors can clearly see how we spend their donations.

Should you be a donor we would be open and willing to answer any questions surrounding the way in which we operate or answer any questions you may have regarding our finances.

From May 2022 to Mid February 2023 (9.5 months) the trust raised a total of R2 510 974, and spent R820 870 on wages for our contracted teams; tools and safety equipment costs amounted to R136 380.

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