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Sugarbird Project

Become a sponsor of the Sugarbird Project and Team by donating money to the cause.

By donating more than R1 000 (by EFT) we are able to provide you with a Section 18A tax certificate allowing you to claim the donation against your taxable revenue.

Where will your money go?

Donate via EFT

Donate via

The Sugarbird Group's greatest expenditure is labour for the contracted hack teams who work on removing the Invasive Alien Vegetation, we also incur costs for tools and equipment and PPE for the team workers (we supply work clothes, hats, gloves, and boots).


The trustees and management do so voluntarily and do not receive any payment for their services.


For a detailed breakdown of our expenditure click here.

The Sugarbird Trust

Account Number: 10013044943

Bank: Investec Bank Grayston Drive


Branch Code: 580105

Please use your email address as the reference.

Please use the button below to donate using your Credit Card or Instant EFT.


What your money buys

The following contributions and equivalent man-hours are examples of what your contribution could enable:


  • R350 per month    = 1 day of hacking each month

  • R1 050 per month = 3 days of hacking each month

  • R1 750 per month = 1 week of hacking each month

  • R7 000 per month = 1 month of full-time hacking, Monday to Friday

Alternatively a R1 000 contribution will allow the team to clear (on average) ±2 650m2 of virgin Alien Infested Fynbos. 

Notable Sponsors


We have raised just over R4 million so far for the 2023/24 financial year. The bulk of our funding has come from 5 Trusts and 4 families, with some regular donations and some ad hoc donations including from Snapscan - this is due to our great signage, thanks to Finn Behnken.

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world."
Mahatma Gandhi

A very big thank you to our donors big and small who make this wonderful work possible.


The Treebeard Trust / The Orange Trust / The Mapula Trust / Anonymous Trust / The Sophia Foundation / Ms Inge van Reenen / The Liddle Family / The Naumann Family / The Le Roux Family


Individual Donors:


Mr William Gild / Ms Penny Stekhoven / Ms Debbie Wynne / Ms Sybille Eickhoff / Mr Rory McMillan / all those who donate via Snapscan

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